Disney Kink

Yes, yes, I'm still going on about Disney slash because it is my thing right now. If it's your thing too then head over to the disney_kink community on Live Journal and add to the huge list of request.  The meme allows all sorts of pairings and perversions so you don't have to hold back. I was surprised to see so many request for The Great Mouse Detective. People actually liked that movie? Hardy-har-har! Also, when filling a request you are allowed to do fics, vids, art, pretty much anything. Yay, for options!

I haven't made a request but I am currently working on filling a prompt. No, it's not Dean/Dimitri, but it's something close to it and a whole lot better. I actually didn't post here yesterday because I was so engrossed with writing for the meme. It distracted me! 

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