My Doujin Wish List

Winter Comiket has come and gone so Jpqueen is receiving a large influx of doujinshi. I know Jpqueen isn't the only way you can get doujinshi, but it's a very convenient site and they've always been very capable in retrieving manga and doujin I've wanted. In my case, sadly, a lot of what they are receiving recently are for series such as Hetalia and Katekyo Hitman Reborn, the first is a series I very much despise (I'll save the why for another entry), and the other is just something I haven't gotten into as of yet. But there are a few that caught my eye and I thought I'd go ahead and list them here in case anyone else might be interested.

Series: Gurren Lagann
Title: Aku
Artist: Aka Karasu
Circle: Karasudou
Some of you Kakairu fans will be familiar with the works of Aka Karasu. I've always liked her inking style although I wasn't too fond of the way she drew Kakashi. He had a feminine look to him. I know in this doujinshi the focus is going to be on Simon and all his uke expressions, but I really super a lot like the way she draws Kamina. And when it comes to Gurren Lagann Kamina is what makes it or breaks it for me. Of course, with the previews supplied all you're really given is some eye candy, and you take a leap of faith when it comes to the story. Yeah, I know, doujin like this are basically pwp, but sometimes, after translating something the dialogue can really turn me off if it's too corny or just too horrible.

Series: Code Geass
Title: Mr. mystery
Artist: Sakamoto Mano
Circle: Hz
Not too fond of the art here, and I know, a lot of people buy doujinshi for the artwork. What actually caught my eye was the drama that seems to be unfolding on the preview pages provided. Take a gander:

Oh-ho-ho, someone got caught soap opera style! You know, I bet they aren't even having sex. It's probably going to be something really lame like the excuse Nowaki gave Hiroki when he was found sleeping on the floor with a colleague from work (but I loves u Nowaki so I believes you!). But then they probably are and that expression Lulu is giving CC of utter anguish and distraught is probably just his sex face. But, oh the drama! And I am all about drama, so this is total must for me.

Series: Evangelion
Title: Eigo to Koi mo Umaku naritai
Artist: Midori Kouichi
Circle: J.O.C e.go!!  
I have a sweet spot for anything Kaworu/Shinji, because I believe these two were always gay for each other in the anime (the manga, not so much). I don't usually buy doujin for the sex, despite the few I've shown you here. Glancing through my collection one will quickly realize that I buy pretty much anything that can make me laugh. But this:

Kaworu's just making a total and utter mess of Shinji. And what I like is Shinji looks like he's enjoying it beyond belief. I like my uke's to like sex. And the sex here is just gah!, in a good way.

Anyway, I guess those are my top three picks. Go, buy, enjoy! And if you want, share with me some of the places you go to online to purchase doujinshi.

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